Regular expression for validating phone number in javascript Live fucking chat room

Are there enough characters to make a valid phone number, employee ID or password?Using a length test eliminates the need for the empty test.Regular expressions are designed to find patterns in strings.

Note: all three functions use the beginning of string character, ^, and the end of string character, $.

This forces the complete string to match the pattern and not just a part of the string as was the case above; thus, restricting the string to the exact length.

The most fundamental test is whether or not the field has data. It uses the character set [a-z] in combination with the case insensitive flag i and the to require three letters together.

Below are three different test to determine if the string contains data. We worked with the results of pressing the enter key in Convert Returns to . It use the metacharacter \w and the to test for one or more character. These can be anywhere in the string and in combined with any other characters just as long as there are three letters together.

It is followed by \w$/ meaning nine more valid characters reaching the end of string.

The \w metacharacter includes characters programming languages customarily allow in identifiers (letters, digits and underscore).Then common errors are checked starting with the most specific.Each test returns with an appropriate error message.The i flag at the end of the expression makes the pattern case insensitive.The expression could have been written /^[a-z A-Z$_]\w$/ specifying both upper and lower case letters in the character set eliminating the need for the flag.And as before, the string is tested for possible errors. The caret as the first character inside square brackets is the not metacharacter meaning anything but the characters in this set.

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