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The layout of the flash system store is specified by Microsoft and the So C vendor.

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An edition of Windows 10 desktop for industry devices that supports advanced lockdown capabilities, Windows desktop application and Windows apps support for standard industry devices, large tablets and stationary computing devices Note: In this specification, all requirements that apply to Windows 10 for desktop editions also apply to Windows 10 Enterprise.

There are no additional requirements unique to Windows 10 Enterprise.

The minimum read/write speeds for e•MMC components in devices that run Windows 10 Mobile must meet or exceed the rates listed in Table 8.

No minimum performance requirements are specified for an SD card.

Table 2 lists the device types that run Windows and the operating system editions that can run on them.

In cases where the requirements for an OS differ based on the device type, this specification points out those differences.

Table 3: Minimum hardware requirements summary This section provides detailed hardware requirements that apply to any device that runs Windows 10 Mobile.

See Table 2 for the list of devices that can run Windows 10 Mobile.

Devices that run Windows 10 Mobile must include sufficient free space in the system and user partitions for future updates of OEM-owned components.

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