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Although godparents should try to be more than just annual gift-givers, it's also true that parents often fail to choose their child's godparents wisely, opting instead to placate family members or to honor friends--people who may or may not have much religious commitment.

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Too often they are mere liturgical accessories on a child's Baptism day, according to a survey of U. "For me, it was important that there was somebody outside my immediate family who had a special concern for me." Several survey respondents told glowing stories about how important their godparents had been in their lives and in their spiritual development.

But the majority lamented that they had little or no relationship with the people who had served as special witnesses at their baptism.

From personal experience, I don’t regard the kind of dating where some guy comes by to take my daughter out for several hours on a Friday or Saturday night conducive to her earthly happiness and well-being — or the happiness of her eternal soul.

The Problem With Dating The modern dating scene sets our sons and daughters up for repeated emotional pain, all in the name of casual fun or entertainment.

It helps if they have a good understanding of the sacrament of baptism.

According to canon law, godparents represent the community of faith at the baptism.

"We have spent a significant amount of time discussing faith, talking about the Catholic Church, working through questions and doubts this young person has experienced regarding her faith journey," says godmother Regina Ratzlaff of Hamilton Square, N.

Whenever the topic of dating is broached, I always think that there has to be something better — nobler — than casual dating for my children.

More indicting was the tiny number (only 3%) who believed godparents make a real effort to participate in the child's religious upbringing--which is, after all, what godparents pledge to do.

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