Role play dating apps etiquette for dating after death of spouse

(SOUNDBITE OF TV SHOW, "ANDERSON COOPER 360") MARK ZUCKERBERG: I actually think the question is more, what is the right regulation, rather than, yes or no, should it be regulated? And, you know, to get those apps to build on Facebook years ago, to make Facebook the powerhouse it is today, they used to have to offer to share lots of user data. I mean, do you want Facebook to sell you or access to you to whoever's buying? And right now, it's only 1.6 billion of the 25 that the White House wanted.But, you know, that's how they ended up with this leaky, insecure system that spiraled out of control and, you know, tossed tens of millions of profiles into the hands of Cambridge Analytica. Listen for a moment to this former Facebook employee, Dipayan Ghosh. There's also a fix to the Republican tax law that they had wanted.

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Look at their photos, look at their bio and then go off of that.

Ask them a personal question, ask them about something that’s taking place in their life and furthermore, piggybacking on that, use Bumble as a first date.

So there's nothing in there for people on the left who wanted something on an immigration fix, but it does look like the president's OK with it. You know, they're hoping that conservatives will kind of get over the fact that they're upset with this new spending, that Rand Paul won't block it. GREENE: So the question of motive still seems to be a mystery.

But he may be the key here, and we'll be watching over the next 24 hours. (SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC) GREENE: All right, investigators in Austin, Texas, have new information about the man who terrorized that city for three weeks with these homemade bombs. And in the hours before his death, he recorded a 25-minute video confessing to these bombings. We're learning more about this man - I mean, that there is this confession that we have, but we still don't really know why he did this, right? And, you know, and I even asked Manley privately just to confirm that there was nothing within the video that gave them any indication as to why this young man did what he did.

But Manley did say that within the video, the 23-year-old did go into the differences between the bombs.

So he took the time to show, I guess, law enforcement how he differentiated the bombs even though law enforcement did say that there were similarities between them. HAMDAN: We're - still have questions, I guess, so...

GREENE: He might like this role, Rand Paul - like, relish being - having that influence over what happens. Austin police Chief Brian Manley says Conditt, though, did not reveal any motive. I mean, even in the presser, Manley says everybody always wants to understand the reason, and sometimes we can't assign a reason to irrational acts.

MONTANARO: Yeah, but I think he - that's true, but I think he really wants to see the government spend less money. (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING) BRIAN MANLEY: ... But instead, it is the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his personal life that led him to this point. So it's an unfortunate truth, I guess, that you can't sometimes always know why people do what they do.

Which, I guess, is one question that might come up if he is brought before Congress, which sounds like - is a possibility now. It could come down to fundamentals that have not been asked thus far of him directly in congressional testimony. GREENE: Well, so can President Trump live with this? MONTANARO: So he tweeted last night that he appears to be OK with it.

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