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In very many instances the information that travels over the network wire can and should be restricted.

For example, typically application users want to see certain selected information.

Forms as application objects are being discussed most thoroughly.

Modifying transaction processing settings can increase processing speed.

For example, if the application is large but has few concurrent users, Shared Async Delay can be set higher than 50 (which is its default value) and Exclusive Async Delay can be set higher than 2000 (which is its default value).

Shared Async Delay and Exclusive Async Delay can be modified through Windows Registry or using ADO code.

The latter method is more efficient, especially considering that Registry settings affect all applications that use Jet Engine, while through using ADO code the settings can be changed temporarily and so that only machines that run the specific application are affected.

Top Access database size grows as a result of adding and deleting data, but usually so that part of the database is "empty space." That empty space slows down the application.

Thus, one of the simplest, yet most important things that Access database administrator can do to speed up the application is to compact the database regularly (preferably daily).

In addition, processor's speed affects individual machine's performance.

Similarly, servers' RAM and number of processors affect network's performance.

Performance Analyzer can help to pinpoint some basic ways to speed up an application.

For other environment and usage-related tips and techniques consult your computer's and Access Help files using keywords "speed" or "optimize performance." Top Testing different code samples and application's objects allows finding the most efficient solutions.

Testing is less important if the application is small and performs well.

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