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At Three Day Rule, Stephanie uses her expertise on people and dating, her ambition, and her drive to cast real-life relationships!After finishing her Masters in International Business, Natalie traveled the world, spending time in Panama and Argentina, where she worked at the US Embassy.With experience in media and fitness, and a degree from Rutgers, Alisa has always been the matchmaker in her group of friends.

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Upon returning home, she held a position in Strategic Partnerships at a well-known tech firm.

Her realistic, direct approach has made her one of Los Angeles’ most sought after matchmakers.

A background in production and casting for reality television gives Stephanie a keen eye and interest in people and their stories.

From Bravo and Discovery to TLC and NBC, Stephanie worked with a variety of people across all walks of life.

Read more about what our clients say about our matchmakers here.

Nora began her matchmaking career as a TDR Matchmaker in New York, setting up the Big Apple's most sought after singles.Her past experience includes working for the CEO of a casting and production studio, client relations and television marketing, and marketing for an international firm.Sari is originally from Salt Lake City, with a degree in Journalism and PR from Utah State University.Phil has matched couples within the LGBTQ community, and continues to dedicate himself to assist fellow community members achieve happiness in relationships.Every day Phil channels his fiercely loyal, empathic, vivacious, and extraverted personality in his quest to help others find love.Her natural intuition makes her an amazing Matchmaker.

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