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What caught the media's attention is the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval of the first human study to see if metformin can protect against the multiple diseases of aging.

A trial usually includes people with a specific seizure type or epilepsy syndrome.

Her dad is the second or third most relevant Baldwin brother, she's dated Justin Bieber, she's pals with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and she occasionally hits a red carpet when she can serve as someone's plus-one.2017, "When they push #Fast movie to 2020 it's back to your day job — CAA's Mark Cheatum thank you for the 7 shows so far I just wanna do 20 shows please and get back to the house #Barclays Arena #Philips Arena #Im Not Cheap real offers only and I'm at you." Hey, at least he's trying to hustle, right?

Add that to his botched guitar solo at the 2016 ACM Awards, and, well, he may want to stick to acting, because he's doing well there — he got a lot of hype for his shirtless scenes in .

When you volunteer for a clinical trial of a study therapy, you are helping researchers learn: Because researchers don’t yet know whether the treatment works, it is not possible to say whether you will benefit from the treatment before you enter the study.

Life Extension has long endorsed AMPK activation as a method of slowing biological aging and advocated that its supporters utilize some proven method to increase their cellular AMPK activity — which could add substantial healthy years to the average life span.

Serena Bertone trains astronauts before their space missions, passing on the ins and outs of space travel.

In June, astronaut Alexander Gerst will be the first German commander to fly to the International Space Station.

In a time where full employment is virtually the norm in Germany, that’s no small feat.

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