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Yesterday, the New York Times reported that the Stuxnet virus had been developed as a joint project by US and Israeli intelligence officials at Israel's top-secret Dimona project in the Negev desert.

The virus was developed at Dimona over a period of two years before it was planted into Iran's nuclear programme, an operation now widely regarded as the world's most successful cyber attack.

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Indeed, the Russian prosecutor general demanded that Roskomnadzor monitor the entire Russian internet and ban any site publishing anti-election agitation, the Regnum news agency reported in July.

Besides anti-government and gay “propaganda,” Roskomnadzor banned the websites You Porn and Porn Hub.

Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran's foreign minister who also serves as head of the country's Atomic Energy Organisation, rejected suggestions earlier this month that the Bushehr opening schedule should be postponed.

"All the rumours related to the Westerners' claims that Stuxnet had caused damage to the nuclear plants are rejected," he said.

When the Russian parliament passed a homophobic bill banning gay “propaganda” in 2013, dozens of gay activists took part in a "kissing protest" outside the State Duma in Moscow.

They were harassed and pelted with eggs by anti-gay protesters. “The infamous gay propaganda law is used as a key tool to silence LGBT people,” Lokshina added.

Then the government’s telecommunications agency, Roskomnadzor, reacted to the court decision and banned the site.

Internet providers started blocking it, without any notice to the Blue System administrators until, this month, the website’s users were astonished to see it shut down completely.“The Kremlin is afraid of gays,” the Blue System team wrote in a post last week on its VKontakte social media page.

After decades of delays over the plant, which was first commissioned by the Shah in the 1970s, Iran's leaders are demanding that scientists stick to the schedule set last year.

They argue that any delay would be a blow to Iran's international prestige.

In reaction, the Russian blogger community decided to talk about sex—a lot.

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