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The most prominent is the Daugavpils fortress dating mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries.

In April 2013 the Mark Rothko Art centre was opened in fortress.

It was an uyezd center firstly in Pskov Governorate between 17, Polotsk one between 17, Belarus one between 17 and finally Vitebsk between 18 as Dinaburg firstly, as Dvinsk laterly during Russian rule.

In 1582 Daugavpils was granted Magdeburg town rights.

In the 17th century, during the Russo–Swedish War initiated by Tsar Alexis of Russia, the Russians captured Daugavpils, renamed the town Borisoglebsk and controlled the region for 11 years, between 16.

Daugavpils Theatre was restored a couple of years ago.

There is also one cinema as well as other cultural institutions.

Russia returned the area to Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth following the Treaty of Andrusovo (1667).

It became part of the Russian Empire after First Partition of Poland in 1772.Daugavpils is exceptionally rich in red brick buildings.This style was developed by many outstanding architects.In Daugavpils this variety of eclecticism is most widely represented in the buildings designed by Wilhelm Neumann, an architect of German origin who was the chief architect of the city from 1878 to 1895.Bright examples of brick architecture are the buildings at 1/3 Saules Street and at 8 Muzeja Street.In 1577 the Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible captured and destroyed Dünaburg castle.

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