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But despite speculation that a romance is brewing in the wake of their New Year’s Eve celebration, sources close to both stars tell PEOPLE that the stars’ relationship is strictly platonic.Any notion of a romance between Reynolds and Bullock “is ridiculous,” says a source close to Reynolds. But I didn’t see any making out or anything.” The close friends have made no secret of their mutual admiration over the years."You take two people who normally can't leave the house, who don't know if people are with them for the right reasons, and they get paired up because they have chemistry, and they happen to fall in love."Not exactly excluding actors from the picture, she also told the mag, "I love people who are artistic, confident, and even cocky but with an underlying modesty that is humbling.

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Ryan reynolds is dating sandra bullock dating man other wife

When she was recently connected to old friend and fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, we were thrilled!

He seemed like the perfect complement to Sandra, especially since he loves her son as well as her.

By now she's sat through interviews at every stage of the romance game, through the ups and the downs, when it was real and when it was just a passing rumor, during the honeymoon phase and then in the thick of the postmortem after it all went wrong.

But through the majority of it, Bullock was refreshingly candid and often endearingly self-deprecating (see above quote) about dating and breakups (though she wouldn't usually say much star mused, "Maybe people spend too much time looking. You'd like to know that that person can, a, make you laugh, and , you know can really stimulate you and excite you when they're gone and you think about them. I have a thing for red haired Irish boys as we know," she quipped.

“They have been friends for 10 years and they celebrated New Year’s with others. They really are just friends.” RELATED: Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Ring in a Friendly New Year Together Adds Bullock’s rep: “They all had a great time ringing in the New Year as they have in the past.” An observer at Bullock’s Austin eatery, Bess Bistro, says there was no sign of sparks between the two when they were there on New Year’s Eve. “She’s this stunning, gorgeous woman – and she’s the only one who forgets it,” Reynolds told PEOPLE in 2009.

Dining and dancing with a group of friends until midnight, “they were having a good time,” says one party-goer. Bullock returned the compliment: “I’m amazed by what he pulls off.

The breakup devastated her and made her more cautious about falling in love again.

“She is not one to jump from one relationship into another,” the pal says.

But then all of a sudden, Ryan went cold on her." Getting Cozy?

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Vacation Together Who knows what caused the relationship to chill, whether it was Blake or just the natural fizzling out of a romance, but either way, we bet Sandra will be just fine.

“She likes to be friends with men before allowing it to turn to romance.” Related Story: Sandra Bullock Comes to the Aid of Fainting Co-worker on Set of Her New Movie Sandra’s most serious post-divorce relationship was with actor Ryan Reynolds, 38, but although he’s a great guy, they had different goals and they split in 2011.

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