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I was deliberately being provocative, but those remarks sparked a huge mailbag from people who agreed with me.Saga Magazine, in all its right-wing cosy complacency, sells us short.

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A cut above the rest A great deal of disgraceful behaviour took place on Sky One on Tuesday, in the first episode of a hilarious new drama series Nip/Tuck.

This is the worthy successor to Michael Mann's classic series of yesteryear, Miami Vice, and is rightly on the shortlist for a Golden Globe for best drama series in the US next Sunday.

Christian ruthlessly beds a girl and tells her she'd be better with a nip here and a tuck there.

When he asks her to dinner she replies: "I don't eat, I'm a model." Our fearless surgeons dispose of a body by dumping it in the Everglades, covered in packed hams to lure crocodiles.

Out-of-focus pictures of glamorous actresses such as Jessica Lange are just the small piece of icing on this particular cake.

When there is a magazine for my age group that is printed on paper as glossy as Vogue, and features fashion that is sexy rather than cosy, then we will be achieving something.

Indeed, in the January issue of the magazine its own companies have taken so many pages of advertising - for everything from pet insurance to pension schemes and investment advice - that you might wonder why it doesn't give this magazine away, instead of charging £2.20 for it.

Its editor, Emma Soames, came to the job from The Daily Telegraph, and that is where its values firmly lie, with readers' letters on everything from the appeal of JF Kennedy to council tax and the euro.

What is "wise", according to the editorial, is a quality distilled from a "great and varied" experience of life, "coupled with intelligence and humility, and the skill to apply this to wider surroundings".

A job ad in the Guardian's Life section, or indeed Michael Howard's own full-page manifesto in that very organ last week, reads more cogently and enticingly than this grey and worthy exercise in the January issue of Saga Magazine.

Sensible, worthy Sean is having a mid-life crisis, while Christian is partaking of every treat going - from drugs to kinky sex.

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