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During the 840’s he was successful in disputes with the Iconoclasts; during the 850’s, Cyril traveled in Syria, where he was victorious in theological disputations with the Muslims.

Before their departure, Cyril devised a Slavic alphabet and, with the help of Methodius, translated several liturgical works, including passages from the Gospels, Epistles, and Psalms, from Greek into Slavic. “K istorii voprosa o ’russkikh pis’menakh’ v zhitii Konstantina Filosofa.” Uch.

There is still no unanimity among scholars as to which alphabet he devised—the Glagolitic or what is called the Cyrillic—though most are of the opinion that it was the Glagolitic.

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Slavic educators, inventors of the Slavic alphabet, Christian preachers, the first translators of religious texts from Greek into Slavic. Cyril was educated at the court of the Byzantine emperor Michael III in Constantinople, where one of his teachers was Photius.

14, 869), known as Constantine until he took the monastic habit in early 869, and his older brother, Methodius (c. 6, 885), were born in the city of Thessaloniki (Solun) and were sons of a military commander. Kiril i Metodii, osnovopolozhnitsi na slavianskite literaturi.

The German clergy, however, anxious for revenge, managed by intrigue to have him imprisoned. Opyt sistematicheskoi kirillo-mefod’evskoi bibliograβi.

After his release, Methodius continued his work in Moravia. In mid-884 he returned to Moravia, where he undertook a translation of the Bible into the Slavic language.

Methodius began his career in military service early and for ten years was the administrator of a region inhabited by Slavs. Declining the rank of archbishop in the 860’s, he became abbot of the monastery of Polychronion on the Asiatic shore of the Sea of Marmara.

In 863, Cyril and Methodius were sent by the Byzantine emperor to Moravia to preach Christianity in the Slavic language and to help the Moravian prince Rostislav in his struggle with the German feudal lords.

The activity of Cyril and Methodius laid the basis for Slavic writing and literature. Materialy po istorii vozniknoveniia drevneishei slavianskoi pis’mennosti.

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