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Even though the two have ended their relationships, they are still in good terms.After Joseph, Park hasn’t been seen with dating or found having any affair.He is also known for the film Flower Boy Ramyun Shop & Moon Embracing the Sun.

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But she also said , Jung is a good boy,but sometime he appears like a crazy man. Kim Yoo-mi is said to be one of the ex-girlfriend of Jung Il-woo. Though Kim has married Jung woo, but her lover was Jung Il-woo. Not only that , Jung`s fans also said Kim is an impish girl, she doesn`t care for anyone. But Jung Il-woo confessed, he was at fault for the relationship breakup with Kim. She is better known for his role at drama you are Beautiful, Flower boys next door. Because of that, she had won popular foreign actress award for the drama Heirs. On that time,in twitter followers commented that, she is now in love with Jang Keun-suk. Because of his direct interaction, fans love him a lot.

Some media source said that Park Shin-hye was the ex-girlfriend of Jung Il-woo. They hadn’t said directly anything regarding their relationship in front of media. In,relationship matter,he is always frank to the media.

It was heard that, Lee Chung ah had a relationship with Jung Il-woo. Temptation of Wolves, My tutor friend 2 are some of his drama that made her famous.

Their love news came first by a photo spreaded in the social media,where they were talking closely. After breakup, when Chung was asked about their relationship, she said the had broked up because, both of them are very busy wi9th their career. Media said that it`s Kim’s fault for breakup relationship with Jung.

Furthermore, fans have noted that Dara has cameo’d in Kim Soo Hyun’s last two dramas, .

There has never been any reports that Dara and Kim Soo Hyun are friends in real life, which could explain why they would dine together in a platonic way.Dara is also mostly known for being a member and the director of communications of the South Korean girl group 2NE1.Park has additionally starred in several films and dramas as well including Volta, Can This Be Love, Bcuz of U, Dr. Most recently, she has been a part of drama named One more Happy Ending.He said that his idel is someone who has double eyeleads & some facotors that common with him. Though he has a positive thoughts about marriage but he prefers his career first.Jung Il-woo explained regarding her that “While I was filming the drama ’49 Days’, I felt like I could really relate to the lyrics of her songs. After breaking up with Kim Jin & Kim Yoo Mi he talks to an inteview that he is now busy wih dramaseries.Currently, the net worth of Dara is estimated at million dollars.

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