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When the no-arg WAX constructor is used, XML is written to standard output.

There are also WAX constructors that take a WAX only helps with writing XML, not reading it.

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This whitepaper discusses how microservices presents itself as a series of patterns, and outlines how organizations should select the microservices pattern that makes sense for their own business, goals, and culture.

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Learn how to choose the right Java API for your application and get started coding with XML and Java.

In this course, author David Gassner shows you how to read and create XML strings and files, decide whether to use a streaming or tree-based API, and find out which APIs are compatible with Android.

After completing this tutorial, you will find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in XML parsing using Java from where you can take yourself to higher levels of expertise.

Knowledge of computers is not a prerequisite to follow the contents of this tutorial.

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Writing API for XML (WAX) is a free, open-source library for writing XML documents.

Building a DOM structure to describe a large XML document won't work because it won't fit in memory. There hasn't been a solution that is simple and memory efficient until now.

To read large XML documents, use a SAX parser (such as Xerces that comes with Java) or a pull parser (such as Woodstox) which is my preference. It doesn't buffer up the data in a data structure to be written out later, as is done in the DOM approach.

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