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Many new functions, such as antibiotic resistance, changes in the color of moths, variations in finch beaks, and the enormous number of wild and domestic breeds of dogs, cats, birds, cattle, plants and animals of every kind speak to the creative power of what evolutionary processes can do.Certainly, the theory of evolution did seem to explain a great deal of what we see happening in the natural world.

Also, if these documents state exactly where a battle was fought and describe in detail what type of weapons and ammunition where used, one could go and find a location that seems to match the description found in this document, and then dig and find similar weapons and ammunition.

Certainly then, the degree of agreement between such sources of information is statistically testable. If the truth of the matter is that evolution did happen and is real, then there should be evidence of its activity.

However, with so many differing opinions presenting themselves, how can one sort out the "truth" for one's self?

Does the scientific method support one position over the others?

Similarly, the theory of evolution concerns the topic of origins. So, the theory of evolution is in a large degree a science that proposes to explain a part of history. This evidence could be discovered and interpreted in much the same way that one might come to believe any other historical event to be "true".

Many claim that the correlatory evidence is everywhere and that it overwhelming supports the predictions of evolutionary theory. And, it will continue to be a real force in nature into the future.Evolution is not only true, it is "obviously true" - as obvious as the nose on your face. Because of this, the theory of evolution is presented as not just a historical science, but a present and future science as well.In fact, it is not only historically obvious, but its activity can be detected today . It can be tested and studied in the laboratory in real time.Human theories may be backed up by a greater or lesser degree of evidence, but, like all human attempts to search out truth, no one and no theory has ever achieved absolute perfection in any aspect of human knowledge concerning the external world.So, if a person or group presents one particular faith or theory as better than any other faith or theory, they have to be able to back this position up with testable reasons that make better predictions concerning an observation (i.e., with the use of the scientific method).Or, it is true that some things can only be believed based on a "faith" that goes beyond science?

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