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Nowhere in Bishop Loverde’s statement does he say what Mc Carty says Loverde said.In fact, Loverde says, “Sadly, yesterday’s decision forces us to prayerfully reconsider whether a continued partnership with the BSA will be possible.” Mc Carty then goes on to pronounce a new Catholic teaching.The organization introduced criminal record checks and screening interviews for all of its volunteers in 1997.

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The report examined 486 cases of alleged sexual misconduct dating back to the 1940s.

It found that, in 65 of those cases, the allegations had not been reported to police when they first came to light. Petitti said the KPMG review “found no systemic intent to cover up or hide an individual or abuse incident.” After the review, Scouts Canada strengthened its child and youth protection measures with new policies on bullying, abuse reporting and volunteer screening.

An Ottawa man has launched a $4.5-million negligence suit against Scouts Canada for the sexual abuse that he claims to have suffered at the hands of a notorious scout leader in the late 1970s.

The civil lawsuit, launched last month by a man identified only as C. was then a 13-year-old boy scout in Brockville, and Brown was a leader with the 8th District Scout Troop.

M., alleges that he was abused by scout leader John Allan Brown after meeting him in 1977. According to a statement of claim filed in the case, Brown befriended C.

M., took him on camping trips and brought him back to his Brockville home, where he repeatedly sexually assaulted him.He contends Scouts Canada knew they had sexual predators in their midst at the time but kept that information secret. By the mid-1970s, the claim alleges, “Scouts Canada had at least two decades of records and data sufficient to constitute legal notice that they had an organization-wide problem with sexual abuse of minors.”In the 1950s, the claim contends, Scouts Canada began compiling a “confidential list” with the names of volunteers deemed “not satisfactory” to work with young people because of their “sexual perversion, immorality or gross misconduct.” (CBC’s The Fifth Estate first disclosed the existence of the list in October 2011.)But Scouts Canada kept that list confidential, the claim says, and failed to put measures in place to prevent the kind of abuse suffered by C. “Unfortunately, there have been instances in the past where Scouting youth have been harmed, and for that we are deeply sorry,” Petitti said, adding that the organization has done its best to help victims in their healing process. “I’ve lost so much in my life,” he said in an interview.“I believe the only way I’m going to get any closure is if I address this: I feel I have to man up and face the shame, the guilt and the embarrassment.”Following the 2011 CBC report, Scouts Canada hired the firm KPMG to conduct a review of its handling of sexual misconduct claims within its ranks.One man’s story of abuse The Ottawa man suing Scouts Canada for negligence says the childhood sexual abuse that he suffered left him scarred and suicidal.The 53-year-old man, identified in court documents as C.The Boy Scouts never kept out boys with a homosexual inclination.

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