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His collection includes a late model Formula One car driven by Michael Schumacher in his first year with Ferrari.

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Original Alaska cars, historic photographs and archival videos illustrate the unique challenges faced by the state’s first motorists.

Mile 47, Parks Highway, 3800 West Museum Drive, Wasilla, Alaska 99687. ANTIQUE AUTO MUSEUM: Features over 70 prewar cars, including rare gems like a 1906 Compound, 1899 Hertel, 1920 Argonne and 1921 Heine-Velox.

Petersen, the founder of Petersen Publishing and its flagship Motor Trend magazine, and his wife, Margie, were founding benefactors of this well-known museum.

DIEGO AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM: Changing exhibits examine the history of the auto industry from classics to concepts.

DRIVING MUSEUM: Yes, you can ride with them, every Sunday.

AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM: Exhibits more than 170 classic cars, trucks, motorcycles and racecars in historical groupings including a 1904 Ford, 1915 Hupmobile, 1925 Franklin, 1949 De Soto and 1958 Edsel. MURPHY AUTO MUSEUM: Cars range from a 1910 Duro to a 1952 Chevrolet Suburban to a 1953 Packard Caribbean and a 1969 Dodge. There are 200 meticulously restored vehicles dating from 1898 to 1982, including an 1898 Eisenach Runabout and a 1967 Ferrari 365 California Spyder. The picturesque 9,000-square-feet barn includes historical antiques and community history. HISTORICAL MUSEUM: Antique and classic car enthusiast will enjoy and appreciate the historic Motte family collection of automobiles. Museum open Wednesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 pm., plus every first and third Sunday of the month, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Among them are two Toyopet Crowns, examples of Toyota’s entry vehicle into the American market.

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