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OH YES, PEOPLE ON THERE ARE OUT AND OUT LIARS, FAKE PROFILES, REALLY NASTY PEOPLE. How dare you invade my privacy and life with your bull$#*! These niche dating sites just don't have enough users to be worthwhile. They are not helpful, do not respond, and the process is far from easy. i've recently paid $ 125.00 for my membership..been the first time... Karen Hi, When you go to your site you must bring the person up when they are on line.

STAY AWAY My fiancee wouldn't talk to me for a whole day as she assumed that I was on your $#*! Good thing you pointed this out to people and hopefully others will read this and stay clear of this site I'm not familiar with e Harmony; I'm on POF (plenty of fish);, and (I dislike and when my current 'membership' expires; I'm definitely not renewing; they do not want us 'customers' to contact them & make it very difficult for us to do so. POF is probably the best; they tend to be reasonably priced; make it easy to contact them, etc. I could not even get my photo uploaded and the problem was at their end. I'm happy for you if you had a positive experience but this site is just sad and misleading. I don't know how to READ / OR SEND MESSAGES..... I had this reply : " PAID FOR GETTING INSTRUCCIONS...99.... "This is a good question when I contact " The Better Business Bureau... Vallenatoi me yes, there are real people on Senior People When you click on them and the email box opens in the upper right hand corner click on the middle icon looks like a spiky wheel and it gives you 3 choices.

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I had not exchanged emails as when other guys asked, they were scammers and tried to get money out of me. So, I returned to my business out of the country and found that I could not write to the guys that I was interested in as I am not physically in the U. I signed up as a member in October when I was at my business out of the U. Now, Senior People Meet want my money, but won't let me sign-in to my account nor will they help me advise the 3 special guys that I had been writing to for quite a long time. Finally called SPM, asked why my profile was deleted? SPM is as big a RIPOFF as Plenty of Fish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This company, People Media out of Texas is nothing more than a fraudulant bunch if lying thieves.

And you have to reset everything every time you go in it doesn't give you matches that you want it grows out matches for whatever waste of time waste of money. But it is the most entertainment you can get for 15 bucks a month! They have people or ways to make you think you are getting a lot of interest until you join... Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time or your money.... It's the second time I've been fooled by them... I JOINED ON THE 15TH, THEY WERE HAVING A SPECIAL FOR $15.00. in singles program that you have to insinuate yourselves onto my desktop then you can all go $#*! Yes, Brian, I would like to think the persons we are trying to meet maybe left the site or found someone.

Scammers everywhere, nut jobs, serial daters looking for a free dinner, phoney profiles and much more! Old worn out nurses, and fat school teachers, old divorced women looking for someone to pay off their credit cards, needy women who want to travel the world but have no money. i was getting lot's of messages, favors and likes BEFORE I JOINED! THEY HIT MY CREDIT CARD FOR OVER $30 AND THEN AGAIN FOR $22.00. The bottom line is this, I have never ever heard anything positive about this Web site.

Years ago I signed up with this ripoff site and after updating my profile preferences, these dirtballs completely ignored them and matched me with people hundreds - even thousands of miles away - and had nothing in common with the "what I am Looking for" descriptions.

I went through total BS trying to cancel this mess and was charged even after I canceled - and had to get the credit card company involved - but finally...finally got these scumbag charlatans to leave me alone - then I get an email from them telling me it's time to renew...

Ive had dinner and high teas with gentlemen on both sites, so I dont think I could pick a winner.

In fact the only winner here is me, as I have a life again!

when you a free member all men will get flirts message hey are fake generated by the company.

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