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He was the soul of our city & he created an oasis of love & compassion in the heart of it.

He was 50 and leaves behind a wife, 5 children and a 3,000 member congregation that loved him. Wwx— Cameron Ridle (@Cameron Ridle) January 19, 2018Rest In Peace, brother pastor Bishop Alexis Thomas. Praying for the Thomas Family and for the Congregation of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church.

Expulsion required support from 40 members, but more than 40 voted to expel him.

The final vote was 56 votes to expel Shooter and 3 votes against. Lawrence said he decided to vote for expulsion despite his friendship with Shooter.[ASSOCIATED PRESS: Arizona lawmaker faces vote to kick him out over allegations]"Because it is just and fair, I vote yes," he said. Allen had urged members to vote with their conscience."I do believe this individual needs to be removed from our fellowship," he said. Kern said, "I know the voters have sent me here to do what is right.""I'm here to change policy," he continued just before his "Yes" vote.

It also highlights the responsibility of all governing bodies to have policies and procedures in place to deal with those members who so grossly abuse their power.

The city of Phoenix lacks a policy, and I am working to change that.Shooter’s letter represents a clear act of retaliation and intimidation, and yet another violation of the House’s harassment policy, so I will be moving to expel him from the House of Representatives immediately.” find that Shooter had violated the chamber's sexual harassment policies.[RELATED: Probe finds Arizona lawmaker broke sex harassment rules]Mesnard also announced that Shooter has been permanently removed from all committee assignments.Some, including Republican Majority Whip Kelly Townsend, have been calling for Shooter's resignation.Officials with Pilgrim Rest said they will be releasing more information about the memorial service and the future of the church in the coming days. "A loss of his magnitude is felt throughout this community," said Benjamin Thomas."We probably won't know the full impact until days later ."I'm devastated by the passing of Bishop Alexis Thomas of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church. Before the vote, Shooter addressed the House."I've said stupid things," Shooter said during the hearing.

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