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Looking north, through a vista of skyscrapers and lower yet still towering high-rise buildings, she could see the splendid marina and, not so far beyond it, the immaculately blue Persian Gulf.All around her she could see expanses of Arabian Desert.

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No, even though the title seemed fresh out of The Mikado, it resonated with her. The UK probably already did, located in Whitehall, not a million miles away from Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks. She had once read somewhere that, at their peak, their dominance had stretched to almost a quarter of the globe's land area . Even without planting the flag, they'd interfered just about everywhere, west to east and north to south. but by and large they'd forever been at loggerheads. Your average Brit and Frenchman would always stress the differences of two nations separated by just twenty-nine miles of sea . None of them seemed to see the million-and-one similarities.

(Possibly the most sensible of all the UK's many ministries.) Enough of such nonsense; Canada's many ministries were just as bad and the USA put the world to shame. All coming from a relatively tiny group of islands, stuck nowhere in a relatively cold sea. mostly in world wars when situations were dire and it really mattered . Perhaps it was best they'd always fought each other, swapping kings and insults for century after century.

If her research had been correct, just then the ever-growing city of Dubai had a population of up to a million. Little more than a fishing village as it then was, they had quickly seen its potential as a transport hub.

It was forecast to increase to two million by 2010 and three million by 2020. And, persistent as always, they'd stuck it out, riding the discovery of oil around the time England won the World Cup, showing a presence ever since. Well okay, it was sometimes, but by no means always.

Chapter One Trish took a moment or two to admire her latest suite.

Hotel rooms in Dubai were supposedly the second most expensive in the world, she knew that. As per usual they'd block-booked the topmost floors and here she was in the crème de la crème. A month ago she'd headlined in Sacramento as the defending world champion.

Who wanted to watch mere men when those stunning, beyond-beautiful babes were going head to head?

Although Trish hadn't properly smiled since the night of her defeat she was by no means beaten.

At heart the Brits were savages, only ever properly tamed by the Romans and the Normans, and even then not for long. If they'd ever seen sense and made peace instead of war, there wouldn't be a USA.

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