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Four of the men - Mohammed Ali, Solful Islam, Yasser Hussain and Redwan Siddquee - have already been sent to prison for a total of 20 years and four months.

The wider operation has seen around 100 people convicted of a range of serious offences, including drugs, modern-day slavery and firearms charges, with jail terms totalling more than 300 years.

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A judge also described him as 'dishonest', 'unreliable' and 'lacking credibility'.

But Northumbria Police has defended its use of the informant and said his involvement allowed the force to 'detect and prevent serious crimes'.

Mr Elvedge added: 'She attempted to resist the first man.

She was given more Mcat then, one by one, they took their turn having sexual intercourse with her.'The court heard when she left she was driven back to the children's home and given £200 along with more Mcat.

Northumbria Police Chief Constable Steve Ashman said in a statement today: 'To date we have arrested 461 people, spoken to 703 potential complainants and have found 278 victims.

'In total we now have 93 convictions delivering more than 300 years of imprisonment in addition to today's convictions.'He added: 'Many of us will never understand the traumatic experience some of these women and girls have endured and they have my wholehearted commitment that, together with our partners, we will continue to provide them with all the support they need.Mcat was a drug of choice used to exploit young women.' One girl who gave evidence claimed she was repeatedly raped by men acting as if they were in a 'relay race' at one of the sex parties.The vulnerable 13-year-old, who was in local authority care, told the court how she would regularly be supplied with cash, cigarettes and drugs in exchange for sex.Northumbria Police deployed the man, who can be identified only as XY, to infiltrate the gangs who were hosting parties where underage girls were attacked and plied with drugs.The use of the informant was roundly criticised in court by defence teams who said it was 'misconduct' and 'bad faith' and claimed the proceedings should have been stopped to 'protect the integrity of the criminal justice system'.Northumbria Police launched a major investigation after receiving information from social workers and initially spoke to 108 potential victims.

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