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Personally, I feel Honey’s celebrity leans heavily on that entrance and the sight of Ursula Andress in a bikini. But then neither caused the cultural splash of Honey so I’m probably in the minority here.

In the novel, Honey is distinguished by a broken nose.

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The reason they sound so alike is because most literally have the same voice: that of German actress Nikki van der Zyl. Amongst others she supplied the voice of Honey, Sylvia Trench (twice), Jill Masterson, Domino and Kissy Suzuki.

Nikki is the great unsung heroine of the franchise. Indeed, excluding Moneypenny and Miss Taro, every female character in the novel; and perhaps now is a good time to clarify where this series of articles stands regarding Ian Fleming.

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) but is still a worthy base, and far more practical than some.

The metallic hands certainly sparked a craze: for a while no supervillain was complete unless some part of their anatomy was missing.

It's not the best Bond, but certainly a contender for top five. It pioneers the rich villainous tradition of cooking Bond dinner, explaining his plan, then letting Bond escape. ” – and this scene will inevitably inform your argument. You suspect if were set in, say, Ukraine, I wouldn’t be writing these words today. Yet this is the joy of : Bond acts like an actual spy.

Perhaps a little slow for those raised on a diet of Brosnan and Craig, bang bang bang. A good drinking game: take a shot every time the film visually turns into a Stella Artois advert. His influence is remarkable considering he is in literally two scenes, and hidden beneath a radiation suit for the second. Metal hands raise a lot of questions about his toilet routine. In Jamaica Bond first meets Felix Leiter, his future CIA BFF. Removing his shoes to tread softly on the carpet after hearing a noise in his apartment.

I’d love to see a Bond film bold enough to subvert the stereotype but I’m not holding my breath.

Have you ever noticed how early Bond girls sound weirdly similar?

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