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His frustration at being constantly told that the government can solve all our problems was vivid, and I knew where he was coming from.

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One night Libby and I went to dinner at their place.

When I began to engage him in conservative discourse, it was like a well-shaken bottle of bubbly had been uncorked.

But in a rehearsal process, itʼs very common for assumptions to be made about the direction of a play with a clear, liberal ideological bias.

Sticky produced a short play by Rehana Mirza called “The River Gives,” about a white American guy and a Latina American woman on a sinking South Indian island trying to save the indigenous people. He simply wanted to move these people, regardless of their attachment to their home, land and lifestyle.

Shortly after my conversion an interesting thing began to happen: someone would confide in me that they were a Libertarian, or that their husband was actually a Republican, too.

In one case, the husband in question, a musician, felt that he had to keep his conservative views a secret, for both professional and social reasons.There is a feeling among conservative cats that a kind of blacklisting happens to them in entertainment.As an actor, I havenʼt experienced that, as far as I know, but that doesn’t mean itʼs not there.Both American characters were clowns, but while the liberal clown was operating out of kindness, the conservative character was operating out of a desire to control.We eventually compromised on a take that was less “father knows best” and more “the world is a dangerous place and we need to accept that reality.” Rehanaʼs words were Rehanaʼs words, and the overall point of the play—that we shouldnʼt treat third world people as helpless children—still shone through.Irving Kristol said “a neoconservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.” I felt that way.

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