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In some modern cases, the couple collude together to elope under the guise of a bride kidnapping, presenting their parents with a fait accompli.In most cases, however, the men who resort to capturing a wife are often of lower social status, because of poverty, disease, poor character or criminality.

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When asked about whether he ever wanted to try his luck as a pro, Troy said: 'Before going to college I considered going pro, but not really afterwards.

'I was actually burnt out with it after my college career and needed time away from the sport to be honest.

'I was pretty angry and upset for a while.'After that, he shifted his focus away from the game, working a corporate job overseas for a year, before returning to Marquette to complete an MBA degree.

While he couldn't comment on whether his dedication to tennis hampered his ability to find love, he did offer: 'Tennis and class work were extremely time consuming.'Troy expanded more on how he found himself 35-and-single, and what his goals for the show were in his MAFS' introductory video.'I don't know, this whole thing is starting to look like destiny falling into place,' he said of his decision to appear on the dating show.

Bride kidnapping is distinguished from raptio in that the former refers to the abduction of one woman by one man (and his friends and relatives), and is still a widespread practice, whereas the latter refers to the large scale abduction of women by groups of men, possibly in a time of war (see also war rape).

Some cultures today maintain symbolic bride kidnapping ritual as part of traditions surrounding a wedding, in a nod to the practice of bride kidnapping which may have figured in that culture's history.

Married At First Sight star Troy Delmege has copped a swathe of criticism ever since footage of his aggressive tooth-brushing habit was aired on the show.

The IT manager drew further disdain after claiming he wanted a 'Barbie' bride with a 'big chest,' later appearing on the Today show to insist he was taken out of context.

According to some sources, the honeymoon is a relic of marriage by capture, based on the practice of the husband going into hiding with his wife to avoid reprisals from her relatives, with the intention that the woman would be pregnant by the end of the month.

Though the motivations behind bride kidnapping vary by region, the cultures with traditions of marriage by abduction are generally patriarchal with a strong social stigma on sex or pregnancy outside marriage and illegitimate births.

Troy's former class mates also defended the 'very nice guy ' on social media, who they 'picked on relentlessly in school' asking viewers to 'give him a chance!

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