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Enraged by the argument, Kemper stormed off and grabbed the .22 caliber rifle which his grandfather had given him for hunting.

Fort Belknap saw temperatures rise 82 degrees throughout the day on Tuesday.

When residents of the town woke up on Tuesday morning it was 37 degrees below zero. The National Weather Service reported that the reason for the drastic shift was a Chinook wind - which is a warm dry wind that blows down the east side of the Rocky Mountains towards the end of winter.

On January 15, 1972 temperatures in the town were a steep negative 54 degrees early in the morning, but by the end of the day had 103 degrees risen to 49.

Edmund Emil Kemper III (born December 18, 1948) is an American serial killer.

and he later said "suicide missions in wartime and the atomic bomb testings were nothing compared to living with her" and that she affected him "as a grown man more than three hundred and ninety-six days and nights of fighting on the front did." At the age of 13, he killed another family cat when he perceived it to be favoring his younger sister, Allyn Lee Kemper (born 1951), more than him, and kept pieces of it in his closet until his mother found them.

He stated in later interviews that some of his favorite games to play as a child were "Gas Chamber" and "Electric Chair", in which he asked his younger sister to tie him up, flip an imaginary switch and then he would tumble over and writhe on the floor, pretending to be dying of gas inhalation or electric shock.

Look for more actual open state narcotics production and conceals through the frauds of MONTANA METH !

A small reservation town in northern Montana experienced one of the highest single-day temperature changes in the country this week.

He then dragged her body out of the kitchen and into her bedroom.

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