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“People should visit and learn about the wildfires, but don’t be maudlin about it,” said Chris, who lost his home and previous place of employment, the Fountaingrove Inn. Celebrate that we are rising from the ashes like the Phoenix!

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But come spring, the region will shift from restoration to renewal.

The plants will bud, the winemakers will pour and the visitors will raise their glasses to California Wine Country, which needs a drink now more than ever. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire, for short) reported 21 major wildfires in the area, including the Tubbs and Nuns fires, which consumed nearly 95,000 acres and 7,000 structures in Sonoma and Napa.

8; the grapes spent those harrowing days swishing around fermentation tanks.

Restaurants and hotels also avoided the brunt of the fires, with the exception of the Fountaingrove Inn, Hilton Sonoma Wine Country and Willi’s Wine Bar, all of which burned to the ground. “I am not going to diminish how devastating the fires were, but Wine Country is here,” said Terri Stark, who owned Willi’s with her husband, Mark.

The inferno wiped out entire neighborhoods, such as Coffey Park and Fountaingrove in Santa Rosa. Months later, handmade signs thanking the firefighters still adorn lawns and roadsides.

Glittery paper hearts and stars dangle from bare tree limbs.

The power outage spoiled the food and beverages served for breakfast and at the pool bar. But the 45-year-old hotel and its months-old renovations survived.

Four months after the natural disaster, the Sandman’s reservation book was more equally divided between guests in town for wine sampling and hot-air ballooning and emergency relief workers.

To behold the devastation, you have to go looking for it.

You won’t notice any evidence of the fires west of Highway 101 or in downtown Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa or Healdsburg.

“You can do everything you did before the wildfires.” At Benovia Winery, Matt drove down a gravely lane that cut through the vineyard like a middle hair part.

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