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At the time, however, the baby added a bit of maternal ordinariness to Turner’s image, until, naturally, she divorced the guy.

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Do I need to live in the South, seduce some guy who comes to the diner owned by my old boring husband, and get him to kill said husband?

The film was a smash, and the first to prove that Turner could actually act (kinda like when Tom Cruise was in , a memory now shrouded by too much couchjumping, thumbs-upping, and Joey/Katie Holmes-lobotomizing) and reinforced her image as a woman with the potential for malice.

Her father was a miner and a ne’er do well, and when Turner was six — that is to say, when she was just old enough to get a real good dose of Idaho in her — the entire family moved to San Francisco. The role helped earn Turner a contract at MGM, where she would stay for the next 20 years.

Her father was killed at the end of a card game gone wrong, and Turner’s mother hauled her to Los Angeles, where Turner was shuffled from the house of one friend to another. In 1938, a contract with MGM meant musicals, playing Clark Gable’s love interest, and the services of the studio’s Fixers.

No seriously, watch it right now, even on mute — I promise lipstick and thighs and hamburgers. Like there’s no need for another seduction scene ever?

And the high-waisted white shorts and the knotted crop top … Can someone teach me how to make my towel topknot look like that?

In her first major film, , she played an oversexed schoolgirl, which Turner later described as “A Thing” who “wore a tight sweater and her breasts bounced as she walked . They fought, Turner got supposedly pregnant, he denied the baby was his, she had an abortion, and they divorced — all within four months.

Turner’s undulation incited strong audience reaction, and pin-ups of Turner began to circulate.

Turner married again on impulse, only turns out Asshole #2 wasn’t actually divorced from his first wife.

The marriage was annulled, the non-husband attempted suicide, Turner found out she was pregnant, and they remarried “for the sake of the baby.” This baby, Cheryl Crane, will become VERY IMPORTANT to the story in about 500 words.

Turner was a chameleon, a Hollywood-made confection, a liar, a victim, and a real-life, party to one of the most infamous — and tragic — Hollywood scandals. It was short sleeved, tight on the breasts, and kinda looked like it had been shrunk in the wash — the sexy sweater.

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