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The Yakama Nation Home Health Program will educate patients, families, and the community about health related issues to enable them to better care for themselves and their families in their home environment.(509) 865-7965 Human Resources Mission Statement: We provide a service to the Yakama Nation Tribal Council; General Council; Tribal Administration; and all programs under the umbrella of Yakama Nation by offering a drug free workplace to Yakama Nation membership; opportunity for current employees to apply for vacant positions and promotions; we offer on- site training; orientation; process the unemployment claims; classification; grievance; appeals; coordinate the Request for Payroll Action for approximately 250 a month.

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3) Improve communication between DNR Programs and assist in developing a shared vision for the appropriate utilization, preservation and enhancement of infrastructure and natural resources reserved by the Treaty of 1855. 6731 Enrollment Our mission is to maintain a current Tribal Membership Roll utilizing the Total Enrollment Administration Management System (TEAMS).

A system that researches and tracks current personal identity information, genealogy, blood quantums, generates a tribal identification card and other documents and reports. The Forest Development Program coordinates with the BIA Branch of Forestry and the YN Natural Resource Programs to provide services of the Yakama Nation that will insure for the maintenance and enhancement of Yakama Nation forest lands. 4185 Geographic Information Systems Mission Statement: Provide the Nation with relevant and reliable geographic and parcel information for all lands of tribal interest.

4753 or visit our website at: Cultural Resources Program The Cultural Resources Program was set up as the arm of the tribal government to preserve, protect, and perpetuate the principals of the unwritten Creator's law of water, land, air, the cultural, natural and human resources to include legendary sites, places that our ancestors utilized and enjoyed for thousands of years prior to Treaty time. 4714 Department of Natural Resources The Department of Natural Resources was established to manage, co-manage and protect the Yakama Nation's Ancestral, Cultural, and Treaty Natural Resources on Reservation, in the Ceded Area and at Usual and Accustomed Sites, to meet the tribal culture, protecting tribal sensitive areas and sites and restoring diminished damaged resources. 4648 Department of Public Safety Consisting of the Yakama Nation Police Department and the Staff, all Patrol Officers, Game Wardens, Gate Guard Security, Criminal Investigators, Chief Of Police, and all support staff of the YNPD.

The Department of Public Safety maintains the public safety and Sovereignty of the people of the Yakama Nation. 4561 Back to top Department: Yakama Nation Emergency Management The Department of Emergency Management as established by Yakama Nation Resolution T-112-09, Exe CA 156-2009-8 - May 14, 2009 shall establish jurisdictional governance as according to the Yakama Nation Treaty of 1855, by coordinating with other programs, departments, agencies, organizations, tribes, and jurisdictions in the facilitation of planning and development, certified training and exercises to prepare, mitigate, provide response and recover from incidents, emergencies and disasters, natural or human – made. 4200 Diabetes Program Our mission is to prevent and manage diabetes and its complication in Native Americans and the Yakama Community by providing physical activity programs; nutrition services; financial assistance for shoes, eye glasses, and dentures; weight management services, and diabetes education and support services in a culturally sensitive environment. 6757 Economic Development Mission statement: The Yakama Nation Economic Development Department will recommend opportunities to create jobs and increase revenue for the Yakama Nation through development of a sovereign and sustainable economy while preserving our traditional and cultural values, and protection of the rights of the Treaty of 1855.

Our focus is to strengthen and empower individuals and families.

The program is located at 217 South Toppenish Avenue in Toppenish, WA. 6200 Back to top Child Care and Development Fund Assist low-income Indian working families with child care costs.

For Employment Listings and Application or for more information Click Here Back to top Informational Technology The mission of the Data Processing Department is to ensure the integrity, security, and availability of the Yakama Nation network.

This includes the workstations, servers, infrastructures, and data of the Network. 4433 Language Program We honor our past and take responsibility for our future as the Yakama Nation's Language Program, we will preserve and protect the tribal culture, traditions, and foremost the language to assure the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of our people and provide cultural education for all generations. 4804/4821 Nak Nu We Sha Program The mission of the NNWS Program is the prevention of the disintegration of its Indian Families through early intervention and remediation services.

Improve the quality of child care for health, safety, well-being of Indian children and improve school readiness.

Yakama Nation Tribal Child Care & Development Fund Eligibility Levels Income Guideline Yakama Nation Tribal Child Care Application (509) 865-5121 Ext.

A Percapita file is also generated from the TEAMS system for per capita distributions and per capita holds. 4447 Environmental Management Program The Yakama Nation Environmental Protection Program (YNEP) works under the oversight and direction of the Yakama Tribal Council's (Standing) Roads, Irrigation & Land committee. The program is divided into various units that include forest development, fuels management, fee land timber sales, Mt. This information supports tribal resource specialists in creating innovative management solutions while protecting the rights guaranteed the Yakama Nation by the Treaty of June 9, 1855. 4647 Back to top Grants & Contracts The mission of the Grants and Contracts Office is to ensure fiscal and programmatic accountability and Compliance of Federal and State funds, property, and other assets awarded to the Yakama Nation and to maintain an infrastructure for funding opportunities. 4417 Higher Education Program The mission of the Yakama Nation Higher Education Program is to provide eligible Yakama tribal members the opportunity to attend an accredited postsecondary institution and earn college degrees which will enhance their ability to gain employment in professional fields.

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