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They overlooked his need for medical attention and murdered him without having to lift a finger.He overdosed in prison because our own police officers, the ones who are supposed to protect their citizens, chose to let him die.I guess I just needed to share this, and there is so much more I could say but I know this is probably too long as it is… We don’t even have a rehab in this county, they try to give the addicts suboxone or metahdone for treatment, only options around here, unless you have a lot of money to send them off to a private rehab somewhere else…. I will never forget you my sunshine, always promise to cherish your print on this world and all the happiness you brought everyone’s life. Tre problem is that so many people have this problem you might not even know if it’s happening in your home or somee close to you. This girl in my city was my first and only girlfriend all through high school. Over 14 years later she’s gets ahold of me after all this time with a problem crying. Now mind you I went grim being a dealer back then at 16 in my own place to owning a business with a new born and haven’t even seen a drug in years. But told her i wild hide 300 bucks outside for her to get a safe room and food for the weekend. He wouldn’t call 911 and he was caught on camera at 711 at 1140 pm hitting her bad. At the time of his arrest he had swallowed a large quantity of cocaine in a baggy to avoid being caught.

No one has heard him laugh in so long, he hasn’t felt a hug in several years, so many facets of this devastating loss that you don’t consider at first. He cooked for me, cleaned, decorated my walls with art and his art, made music for me on the computer and mp3 player.

They slowly insinuate themselves into your mind when you least expect them and they never leave you alone again. He had an addiction to heroin and had to go to rehab a number of times.

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Just know that I will forever have a pure undying, everlasting love for you. He had battled addiction many years and had recently gotten clean with the help of an amazing Faith based Rehab in NC.

Say hi to Bammy & Grandpa for me ❤❤❤ -To whoever reads this & feels the same or is in the same situation, I’d like to say that you are strong for still being here! He stayed clean for a while, until his wife, whom was out of the picture because she refused rehab, worked her way back in.10am rolls around and as my daughter is sitting in her room, hears the wife storm out of the house, she didn’t think there was an issue and thought her brother may have left as well because his room was now quiet. While I showered I heard a loud banging, thought it was someone knocking on my bedroom door..It was my son’s friend and he was worried about Chad..They murdered a young boy who had so much left to live for and now, his daughter will never get to grow up knowing Daddy or how much she truly meant to her.Rest in Peace B, We love you forever Arthur Llewellyn Van Benschoten V May 18, 1991 to August 11, 2011 My nephew died of a heroin/Xanax overdose on his only brother’s 18th birthday.He was trying hard to get her to get clean so they could get their daughter back , she did go to rehab finally, because of an arrest.. I kicked her out of the house because of the hurt she kept causing my son, he only wanted to love her , she constantly cheated, kept doing drugs, and it caused arguments..

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