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Incorporating the Skeletal Remains in Two German Lutheran Cemeteries into the surrounding Immigrant Population of Mequon, Wisconsin (MS, 2015). Advisor: Jeske Drake, Saul Consumer Culture: How Cultures are Consumed: Research into the Symbolic and Physical Environment (MS, 2007). Connelly, Clare A Partial Reading of the Stones: A Comparative Analysis of Irish and Scottish Ogham Pillar Stones (MS, 2015). Advisor: Malaby Cannizzo, Anna Enlightened: An Analysis of a Collection of Ancient Mediterranean Oil Lamps from the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2007). An Analysis of the Copper-Based Metal Artifacts from the Flynn Site: An Orr Phase Oneota Cemetery in Northeastern Iowa (MS, 2007).

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Billings, Traci Gender Reflections: A Reconsideration of Pictish Mirror and Comb Symbols (MS, 2016). Advisor: Arnold Lowry, Brett Animal Sacrifice and Feasting in Celtic Gaul: Regional Variation, Costly Signaling and Symbolism (MS, 2005).

Bindley, Kathleen Consumerism and Ceramics at the Stephen Field Farmstead, Walworth County, Wisconsin (MS, 2016) Advisor: P. Buntin, Maisie Babies and Biomedicine: Knowledge System Negotiation in the Domain of Infant Care (MS, 2016). Advisor: Jeske Lillis, Jaclyn Weaving Our Way Through the Past: An Examination of Textiles from the Swiss Lake-Dwelling Site of Robenhausen at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2005).

Strange, David The Saints Peter and Paul Parish and the Milwaukee County Poor Farm: A Comparative Osteological Analysis Between Two Historic Cemeteries in Wisconsin (MS, 2017). Advisor: Arnold Robinson, Jacqueline The Translocality of the Ciwara Tradition in Rural and Urban Mali (Ph D, 2005).

Beer, Kaitlin “It’s My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite”, Information and Secrecy in the Chicago DIY Punk Music Scene (MS, 2016). Advisor: Arnold Mollerud, Katy Messages, Meanings and Motifs: An Analysis of Ramey Incised Ceramics at the Aztalan Site (MS, 2005). Richards Moore, Gregory Archaeological Correlates of Warfare in the Iron Age Mortuary Record: Patterns and Variations (MS, 2005).

Pruhs, Erin Powell Mound, Titterington, and the Cahokia Ceramic Collection at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MS, 2016). Advisor: Malaby Mueller, Emily Jane Multitasking on the Mountain: An Analysis of a Northern Great Basin Zooarchaeological Assemblage, Mortar Riddle Site (35HA2627), Steens Mountain (Tse’tse’ede), Oregon (MS, 2007).

Roller, Amanda Death Keeps No Calendar: Dating Mortuary Hardware from the Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church Cemetery (MS, 2016). Advisor: Arnold Handwerk, Elizabeth An Osteological and Mortuary Analysis of the Mc Claughry Effigy Mound Site, Marquette County, Wisconsin (MS 2007). Richards Malone, Krista-Lee Governance and Economy in a Virtual World: Guild Organization in World of Warcraft (MS, 2007). Malone, Krista-Lee Islands in the Making: National Investment and the Cultural Imagination in Taiwan (Ph D, 2016). Advisor: Arnold Van Beckum, Jonathan The “Rediscovery” of the First Fort Crawford: a Study Using Archaeological and Archival Data to Interpret and Date an Early Nineteenth Century American Fortification (MS, 2006). Richards Wellner, Kari An Analysis of the Human Remains from the Richter Site (47DR80): Diet and Health at a North Bay Phase, Middle Woodland Site in Door County (MS, 2006). Richards Williams, Ann A Women’s Nonprofit Organization in Crises: An Ethnography of Volunteerism (Ph D, 2006). Liu, Yang Configuring the Qualification of Good Coffee: An Ethnography on the Specialty Coffee Industry in Milwaukee (MS, 2016). Advisor: Arnold Lange, Allison A Regional Analysis of Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in Iowa and Juneau Counties, Wisconsin (MS, 2006). Richards Petit, Melissa Gender Shifts: Archaeological Correlates of Transgendered Ritual Practitioners (MS, 2006). Epping, Amanda Captive Chimpanzee Group and Individual Space Use in a Naturalistic Enclosure (MS, 2016). Advisor: Brodwin Heydt-Nelson, Jessie Sheela-na-gigs and the Expedient Transmutation of Female Imagery (MS, 2005). Effigy Mound Sites as Cultural Landscapes: A Geophysical Spatial Analysis of Two Late Woodland Sites in Southeastern Wisconsin (Ph D, 2005). Epstein, Emily Nobi Ni-Tse’tse’ede (House on the Cold One): Hunter-gatherer Household Archaeology and Climate Change, Harney County, Oregon (Ph D, 2016). Advisor: Arnold Her, Vincent Hmong Mortuary Practices: Self, Place and Meaning in Urban America (Ph D, 2005). Epstein, Ethan Late Paleo-Indian Period Lithic Economics, Mobility, and Group Organization in Wisconsin (Ph D, 2016). An Analysis of Maker Marks on Cornhusk Bag (MS, 2005).

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