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And, over time, you and your partner's wants and needs will likely shift. Tune in to The Way of the Courtesan radio’s Premier broadcast. Usher- creator of The Way of the Courtesan- gets you ready to explore her … [Listen Now...]Certainly someone with a commitment issue is going to have difficulty getting into a relationship.

However, there are basic relationship musts that, according to Psychology Today, are integral to making your love last. Are you too close to one of your parents and your partner is feeling resentful, jealous, insecure, or any number of other negative feelings? [Listen Now...]When families blend together, it's not always a smooth ride. But did you also know that there can be other "stuck" points in a relationship for those with …

Love takes time, patience, and constant improvement, and, as you and your partner grow together, your relationship also develops. Well, it's easy to reignite them -- and the best part is that the answer is in the little things! [Listen Now...]In part 2 of Behind the Masks of Porn Performers, Billi goes into detail about the very troubled life histories of retired porn performer Mercedes Ashley and ex porn performer turned director at …

As you and your mate continue to change and mature, your relationship will follow suit. We all want intimacy in our relationships yet when it comes down to it, having intimate conversations is often hard to do.

As Canadian Living explains, there are many different elements that go into making a relationship work and should always be present as they are vital to the development and enhancement of your bond as a couple. [Learn More...]The everyday couple may not have any major stuck points except ... Two of the biggest issues facing couples is money and health. Karen and Holli Rovenger have an informative and lively discussion on how to address these issues so that a relationship can be strong and partners can each be empowered. [Listen Now...]Do you wish you had greater connection to your partner?

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