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With this the encryption with smart card or USB flash drive is now possible.- LOGON, LOGON SSO Home, LOGON SSO Pro, ENTERPRISE: During locking under Windows 8 and Windows 10 show the error "parameter is incorrect".

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- BACKUP-TUBE: Memory allocation problems of the service have been fixed. - SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: With about 100,000 files, the abylon SHREDDER has simply terminated before ending the task. - SHREDDER: In Shredder dialog a horizontal bar will be generally displayed on the status issue.

- SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: In File Explorer (context menu of the right mouse button) can a drive directly selected to start the drive cleanup or drive destruction directly.

- KEYSAFE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the single sign-on functionality is deactivated and the Keysafe starts in read-only mode.

- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days the automatic scan for Wi-Fi networks will be disabled.

In addition, when starting the "Manager" with admin rights the autostart entries were rerun. - Cross-program: Because of understanding problems we introduced the Icon "Run as Admin".

For example, now in the setting-dialog in the left menu the point advanced view is displayed.

TThis prevents the possibility to erase the entire Start menu.

- UAC-GRABBER, READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE: The error message when you remove Start menu and Autostart entries has been fixed.

award Virus/trojan free - Ease of installation - Friendly user interface Softpedia 100% CLEAN Certificate 100% clean-award Downloadthypoon Award Bestvistadownloads award Windows 7 Download Award Windows 7 compatible - Cross-program: All software products of abylonsoft have been adjusted for the new Microsoft operating system Windows 10 and extensively tested on our test systems. - APP-BLOCKER: In abylon APP-BLOCKER program a warning dialog will be displayed that changes can have a serious impact on the computer.

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