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Although I had heard about the Domina Parties some while ago, this was the first time I had attended one.I’ve been going to various bdsm events for some years now, but this was the first time I’d been to one like this, so naturally I was a little nervous and uncertain to begin with.All testimonials have been included as received, and are from legitimate party attendees (which can also be proven).

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As I am genderfluid, I attended the party en femme and cross dressed in lingerie – kind consideration was given to this by all.

What followed was hours of the most delectable and enjoyable strap on fun, each domina like a fine wine with their own techniques, approaches and styles, all perfect, all amazing – all of which had me wailing the place down in utter ecstasy as I came over and over again via being penetrated.

What I loved was knowing I could trust the Dommes to look out for me even as I tried to hide my sense of shame at my own desperation with bravado, or later when my arousal and sheer physical pleasure left me babbling incoherently or hardly able to reply when asked simple questions. On a personal and more responsible note, I really wanted to thank the Domina’s at our party for their outstanding care, kindness and constant attention to the safety, wellbeing and health of the guys at the party.

A conversation would go something like this: ME: UUURHHHR-OOOOOHHHH AAAAHH EEEK! I’m sorry that one of us didn’t repay your thoughtfulness about our security with equal concern for your privacy and security.

They made me feel too like a slutty princess which was utterly perfect, encouraging me on too in various ways (hehe), which I really really enjoyed.

Whilst resting between plays, I enjoyed the voyeuristic aspect of the party too watching the guys getting nailed…

By the way, all the goddesses have a vast selection of strap on to chose from, size colour and shape.

Goddess Anastaxia is beautiful, authoritive and an expert while at the same time being charming and a lot of fun.

A really great selection of toys too of all sizes and shapes to explore… One thing I really should have been able to work out for myself – it’s a really good idea to stay fairly still when being anally penetrated by a large rubber dildo strapped to strong thrusting hips. Unfortunately the urge to wriggle and writhe is one I have not yet mastered, though I was getting a bit better after suffering the consequences of being a right squirmy little fuck.

A relaxed, fun and kind atmosphere…I went home a very happy Easter bunny !!! I sought a very late invitation to the March strap-on party in London and was delighted to be permitted to attend. I remember wordlessly looking up at Goddess Cleo and Mistress Sandra, unable to speak but trying to communicate my hunger and desire and shameless wanton need at a rapid, vigorous thrusting fuck, or as only a moan communicated the delicious agonising fullness of a drawn out opening up as a cock head pressed slowly into me for the first time.

Next I had the pleasure of a couple of debutant strap on party goddesses – Ms Eva and Foxtress who were delightful, beautiful, charming and rather good at taking me up the bum with more assgasms, I lost count the number of.

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