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The hearing is expected to explore the role of fatigue in the crash.

Both pilots commuted to Newark, New Jersey, to make the flight - Renslow from his home near Tampa, Florida, and Shaw on a red-eye flight as a passenger from her home near Seattle.

He had been certified to fly the Dash-8 plane for about three months.

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there was a sound similar to movement of the flap handle, according to the transcript, and Shaw says, 'Uhhh.' Less than a second later, there were sounds similar to the stick shaker - a warning transmitted through the control stick that the aircraft is nearing a stall. Then a horn sounded signaling the autopilot disconnecting, and that horn continued until the end of the recording.

Three seconds later, a click was followed by the sound of increased engine power, according to the transcript.

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the flight instruments were not being monitored, and that's an indication of a lack of situational awareness,' said John Barrett, Colgan's director of flight standards.

It was reported before the start of the public hearing that Renslow, 47, and his 24-year-old co-pilot Shaw were flirting moments before the fatal crash.

At .34.8, Renslow said, 'Jesus Christ.' Tragedy: Volunteer firefighters attempt to put out flames after the plane crashed a few miles short of Buffalo airport Shaw said she has put the flaps up and asked if she should put the landing gear up.

Renslow replied: 'Gear up, oh, (expletive).' As noise in the cockpit increased, Renslow said: "We're down." Then the sound of a thump.

All four of the board's members were present, underscoring the seriousness of their concerns.

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