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Then Tim said "Well you better hurry up and go to the restroom over there you don't want to pee your pants".

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It was a little wet, she then told Kim "When you feel wet that means you have gone pee in your pants and should try to get to the washroom and go in the toilet". Megan then said "You don't want to pee your pants in front of everyone when we go to the climbers after dinner do you? Megan then said honey they are way to small for me.

Then she took Kim to the bathroom and told her to pull down her pants and diaper and sit on the toilet. Then Kim said you can wear one of my cousin extra large pull ups that he left here last time when his mom stayed for the weekend. Still in shock Megan looked at them and said "Well I think they will not fit me". Megan slowly undid her jeans then took them off and removed her adult panties.

Kim then did what she was told and Meagan then said "When you are peeing in the toilet try to stop and go this would help you with making your bladder strong". Megan said "Good girl soon you will be out of diapers and no one will make fun of you anymore". Then she took the goodnight pants and put one leg and then the other into the leg openings of the training diaper. It was a little tight on her but the goodnights fit her.

Megan then look in the mirror to see a now nineteen year old girl wearing a training diaper. She then felt the need to pee real bad then it happened she lost control and wet herself right in front of Kim.

Megan then told Tim "You should not be making fun of Kim because you yourself were wearing pampers diapers not so long ago like two weeks ago".

Tim then said nothing and turned red with embarrassment that Kim now knew that he had to wear baby diapers two weeks ago. Megan then went inside with Kim and checked her training diaper. But when the diaper was on her she asked Megan if she would wear one of her feel and learn pants so she would not feel like she was wearing a diaper and ONLY training pants.

Tiffany, Kim's mom told Megan that when she was gone for the week to try different toilet training technics on her daughter . Tim said "My mom says that they are just diapers that you can pull up and down by yourself.

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