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Hi, No offence what so ever I guessed that's what you meant.

The Department of Health also state that a person is more likely to be classified as severely visually impaired if their eyesight has failed recently or if they are an older individual, both groups being perceived as less able to adapt to their vision loss.

In the United States, any person with vision that cannot be corrected to better than 20/200 in the best eye, or who has 20 degrees (diameter) or less of visual field remaining, is considered legally blind or eligible for disability classification and possible inclusion in certain government sponsored programs.

There are other pitfalls too, such as safeguarding those who are more vulnerable.

However most of the pitfalls are either those which are already present without the website (as I mentioned before) or they're pitfalls which any other kind of dating website would have. Look at the pitfalls, because then you can build a site which also gives advice on dating and visual impairment, and looks at other ways of providing support (or signposting support from others) to those who are looking at dating whilst visually impaired. Thank you for the support however, I'd like to add that yes, visually impaired people do face a number of problems but also the sighted world also have their own issues.

I didn't mean to imply in any way that being blind or partially sighted per sé made anybody more vulnerable or less able (although sometimes shortly after sight loss or the loss of any sense or ability it can feel that way for the individual). Every decent dating agency or website will provide advice and support on dating, confidence building and so on.

In view of what Neil S said: any pitfalls that may exist in terms of blind people dating are either issues faced by many people of varying backgrounds and sight levels who are using any dating websites or are problems which can be easily helped with advice from the website and/or the VI community.

The most important is that we as visually impaired try to live as normal as possible and face our difficulties with strength and confidence so others can learn from us.

I really hope that my idea of the website is completed by finding someone who can support. I was responding to what Neil S said and acknowledging that while there are some problems specific to loss of sight (or at least specific to the loss of a sense or an ability that someone once had and has now lost, particularly close to the time of that loss) that these are better seen as areas for support and advice than as a reason not to continue.

Hi all, I am interested in setting up a website for online dating for the visually impaired people. Not sure if what you're asking is int the remit of RNIB to create a website for you?

I am wondering if anyone out there could be of help with this?? But would be very interesting to hear your own experiences of dating or meeting people if you are blind or partially sighted.

I still do not know if the RNIB are going to help with this. I was also pointing out to him that most problems were problems that other dating sites not specifically set up for the visually impaired would have to take into consideration (Safeguarding of all members' contact details, safeguarding in any case where the user may be particularly vulnerable or currently in a vulnerable situation).

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