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It's not really inspiring reason why (nor is it really sharable lol), but it was nonetheless a reason.

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Repeat this at least twelve times and you should have 6,000 relationship points.

Get your Sim Girl in thirteen days: ---------------------------------- Start with Strength 28, Knowledge 1, and Charm 1.

Hidden fight mode for free relationship points: ----------------------------------------------- To get free relationship points without too much work, go to the pub, click "Easy", then click the second option.

There is not anything there, but if you click it you will fight the two enemies that are trying to take your girl.

To do this, visit Tomoko's house and the play the panties game with her.

With some practice you can get this correct every time, and have limitless money for no endurance.

In v2.8 only, on Wednesday Day 10 vote for Tomoko at the weird "Kof Cosplay" at City Hall. Speak to Tomoko twice (to boost your experience beyond 20), give her the six necklaces/rings, and she will be putty in your hands.

You will have over 1,500experience points and you will advance directly from Stranger to Close Friend, She will tell you what day she is free for a date.

Train at the swimming pool solidly twice a day until Friday Day 12, increasing your Strength and Charm and gaining money.

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