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A brisk shower will make your Sim Energized, and a bubble bath makes Sims Playful. Brushing your Sim's teeth at the sink can make them Confident.Sims may also Psych Self Up to get Confident using a mirror, or freshen up and try on outfits to feel Flirty.Interaction Unlocks Be on the lookout for Interactions that unlock via Emotions.

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If they're already Playful from a Bubble Bath, you can possibly make them Very Playful by making silly faces in the mirror.

This is also where they can calm down if they get too Playful (Hysterical)!

Sims 3 Camera Controls Switch back to the old Sims 3 style camera with Control Shift Tab or by going to the Game Options Controls & Camera tab.

You can learn all the Sims 4 Keyboard Shortcuts here.

Zoom Out You can Zoom out with the Mouse Wheel or your keyboard's 'X' key.

This will let you see more of the area, and sometimes spot collectibles.If you play a lot of Piano, you'll get Piano Whims.If you've been Dating, you'll get Whims to hug your lover and things like that.These lamps give off Emotional Auras that can be very helpful in your gameplay.Follow the simple process and they'll be installed in your game automatically. The first of the three Whims is tied to your Sim's emotional state and ever-changing.This will make Sims within 10 tiles and in the same room feel that Emotion.

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