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But for men, in particular, there can be a deep sense of personal failure.

Finding trusted people to share these emotions with is highly recommended.

Moving forward, carefully work to make new friends in similar situations with similar goals.

Dating in your senior years is a little different to what it was in high school or the college days.

Here, most people are looking for a social relationship than finding the love of their lives.

Doing so bitterly is going to send trauma throughout the entire family unit, especially landing right in the heart of your children.

They will feel unwanted and as if they are burdens, when what they need more than anything at the moment is lots of reassurance that dad is still going to be there for them. It’s going to painful, but you’ll come out of it one day much better off.

It’s time to regain your individual identity and figure out what are the things that make life work well for you.

It’s important to learn to respect yourself and feel worthy again.For divorced men, the reality is painful emotionally, physically, financially, and just about any angle you can look at it. To rebuild from it or from anything, the anger needs to subside, whatever humor to be found needs to be brought forth, and a renewed spirit developed.At the same time as rebuilding begins, there needs to be an emphasis placed upon not regressing to less- developed former states.Most do not realize the destructive paths they are going down until a lot of carnage is behind them.All the stages of grief come with divorce: shock, denial, anger, and acceptance.On one part, they will have the pension of their own and on the other, the pension of their late husband.

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