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It doesn't generate that many social media impressions. The show is in the midst of its final season, and so far at least, there's been a decided lack of ballyhoo about it, at least compared to the way the impending end of other long-running series have been covered in the past.

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(True confession: Just last week I filed a ballot with my votes for the 10 best TV shows of 2017, and I put Black-ish on there but not The Middle.

So I'm part of the problem.) Ultimately, I'd probably chalk up The Middle's no-big-deal exit from television to the very thing that makes it so great: Steadiness.

Although its star Patricia Heaton is an active conservative, dating back to her years working on the CBS hit Everybody Loves Raymond, her character Frankie Heck — as well as the people in Frankie's immediate circle of friends and family — are too busy trying to get through the workday, get dinner on the table, and get to all their kids' school functions to sit around having spirited debates about foreign policy or gay rights.

For what it's worth, the show has featured gay characters, and the occasional left-leaning activist.

Even as it wraps up its last season, I think there's a general feeling that The Middle will always be around. Those who haven't caught up with it yet have plenty of time. It's seemingly simple, clearly capable, and not clamoring for approval — but those who take the time to get to know it are surprised by its depth of feeling.

It's going to be a perennial in syndication and streaming, because there's nothing trendy about it.

In 1995 Paul started a company that aimed to put art galleries online.

What he didn’t realize at the time was that this wasn’t how the people that attended art galleries wanted things to work.

All of them have been depicted the way everybody else on The Middle is: as flawed but fundamentally decent.

In fact, what's so quietly brilliant about this show is that while its humor can be broad — bordering on the cartoonish — the "situations" in this sitcom are among the most realistic and relatable of any on TV.

Similarly, The Middle has accumulated an impressive number of running gags over its nine seasons, some of which are funny in a sitcom-y way and some of which just carry a spark of verisimilitude.

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