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He said he saw her at the gym and he messaged her on twitter and they are just getting to know each other. So that day i decided to stop talking to him because it only hurts me to be friends while he talks to other girls...

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They never did anything just text and flirt in class. See I know him very well & I know he is a great guy he is very respectful,sweet,hardworking, he is the type of guy that people go to for advice and a lot of people trust him. Okay so when he broke up with me he said he wasn't sure why he called it off. We have so much in common ( we will pass football together, run, watch similar movies,listen to the same music)...after we broke up we still had sex..i was always there for him.

And after a while he confessed that he was scared to talk to me at times because he felt i was going to get mad, and he felt that he was trying so hard to make me happy that it felt like a full time job and he never made me happy.... I felt guilty I felt it was my fault that we broke up. He actually tried to stop having sex because he didn't want to hurt me but temptation was to hard to resist.

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I gave my everything to him thinking he will be my husband one day.

I fell so deeply in love with him and he was completely crazy for me.

I had some problems at home that changed me completely I became cold and very protective I guess. When he broke up with me it was very sudden I did not see it coming.

In the beginning he said he needed space but right away started to speak to another girl (this was when he was in college) okay so after all of that he actually apologized to me and cried about it saying he knows it was a mistake to talk to that girl.

a week passed by and he texted me yesterday (sunday) hey how you been happy easter...

i asked how he was doing and he said he has his ups and downs, conversation wasnt long i noticed he sounded sad...

He said I showed him what true love is and without me he wouldn't be this nice person. He was usually the one texting me every day and night saying good morning and goodnight we will text every day since we broke up (about two years ago).

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