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Our installations are installed with precision, care, and neatly labeled making them easy to maintain not just next year, but 50 years down the road. Using specialized tools and equipment we can recover your data.Recovery from failed and formatted hard drives is usually possible at a fraction of the cost of the specialized data recovery services.We will automate it for you, freeing up your employees time.

Using specialized hardware, we certify that your hard drive is completely wiped, including sectors that may be unreadable to software.

HIPAA and certain regulatory agencies require this, and impose massive fines if destruction compliance is not done properly.

There was no way to signal to an employee (who may be working on a vehicle in a bay approximately 200 feet way), to bring the customers vehicle to the front so they could inspect it and drive it home.

Maryland Fire Tech proposed an audio paging system that integrated into their existing telephone system.

We have experience designing and deploying network infrastructure in both new and existing construction.

This includes wireless access point deployment to ensure complete coverage (with seamless roaming) at your place of business.G & R Collision Center, in Waldorf, MD, has a large building with several independent work bay areas to allow multiple vehicles to be repaired at the same time.After a customers vehicle was repaired, they would come into the main office for pickup.This includes CAT5/5e/6/7 Ethernet cable, access control cabling (electric strikes, magnetic locks, etc), telephone, TV, and security camera cabling.Many off the street electricians aren't as delicate as they should be for the sensitive low voltage cable runs.Having to deal with a slow or non-functional PC can be extremely frustrating.

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