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Removing the KBC/BNP security components will not negatively affect the workings of either platform.Kaspersky Internet Security on Mac may cause undefined errors in the Isabel application.

The Citrix Telemetry Service seems to cause problems.

You can use the Command Line Installer to exclude Telemetry Service as detailed at VDA upgrade cmdlet at Citrix Discussions.

If you are unable to disable the following features, or if you are using a version configured by a system administrator such as Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 or Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, please contact your IT to make the necessary changes.

Open the main Kaspersky interface Open the 'Settings' (screw icon, bottom left), look for 'Additional'.

Also, if there are any other Smart Card readers connected to the computer (other than the Isabel PPR), disconnect them.

After applying the temporary workaround you are advised to contact the software manufacturer to provide a permanent solution and/or to improve the software.

Temporarily deactivating or uninstalling the security software resolves these issues.

Adding the blocked Isabel components or *.& *.to the exception list / whitelist might also resolve the issue with this software solution.

Alternatively you can also add the Isabel websites to AVG's exceptions.

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