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2 The Case of Uncle Henry- with Elliot Makeham, Edwin Richfield and Desmond Llewelyn.

Later two cases of money are discovered in a railway station. Barbara Green, Bill Warren's mistress, has a boyfriend, an ex-con named Alfred Jackson.

After the raid, she tells him what has happened, and that Bill plans to cross the Channel to France in a cabin cruiser.

Lockhart and Baxter see him, and he names two associates in golf, Evans and Slessor.

The following Saturday, the pair visit the course, and are followed by Baxter and Hodgkins.

With no loving hands to guide her, the lure of easy money leads her into bad company.

5 The Case of Soho Red- with Sebastian Cabot and Esma Cannon.Try out the free online demo right in the browser, or purchase today on Steam!Synopses of No Hiding Place stories 5.21 No Previous Convictions Frank Evans, Harold Slessor and Stanley Bridges, all men with clean records, are enlisted by Bill Warren to rob a wages car. After the share-out, Bridges drives to London and on the way is involved in a motor accident and is killed.Narrator was ex policeman Tom Fallon, who went on to be adviser on Dial 999.ITV bought the films and screened them in the 1960's.When police find the money, Lockhart and Baxter are called in.

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