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There, Inuit culture was influenced by medieval Norse colonists and, after 1700, by Danish settlers. Language and Literature The languages of the Inuit people constitute a subfamily of the Eskimo-Aleut language family.A major linguistic division occurs in Alaska, according to whether the speakers call themselves Inuit or Yuit.The main purpose for creating the kayak, which literally translates to "hunter's boat" was for hunting and fishing.

By the mid-1800s the kayak became increasingly popular and the Europeans became interested. In 1931, a man named Adolf Anderle became the first person to kayak down the Salzachofen Gorge, this is where the birthplace of modern-day white-water kayaking is believed to have begun.

Kayak races were introduced in the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936. until the 1970s, when it became a mainstream popular sport.

In Alaska and Canada, caribou are hunted in the summer.

They also hunt polar bear, fox, hare, and Arctic birds, for important supplies. One is made from walrus or sealskin tents for the summer.

Although Inuit life has changed significantly over the last century, many traditions continue.

Storytelling, mythology, music and dancing remain integral parts of the culture.

Taken in the early 1900s, the eye-opening pictures show a mum breastfeeding her babies, a dad building an igloo and even a family dragging home an enormous walrus.

While other snaps show a carpenter making a traditional bow and arrow, fox fur hung out to air on a clothesline, and a hunter sitting on the carcass of a whale - which has been hauled on to the ice to be butchered.

Wiki info Kayaks were created thousands of years ago by the Inuit, formerly known as Eskimos, of the northern Arctic regions.

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