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i also like to swim walking ajd read toim rose, im from cebu actually i only love to read, i read love story, fantasy, and also real talks im not totally a beautiful kind of a woman, but i am beautiful in my own way, and im the only one who know it haha i Greeting from me, my name is Joy from cebu Philippines..

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I can wear such Hi everyone here My Name is Justine. I want to explore the world someday together with my love and family.

I am very I'm a self centered person i want to experience mature love unconditionally.

I am looking for MY TYPE, not just anyone with tits and a cooze. Zambales, youre right about the nature of the event. If there is someone I could fall in love with, it was worth going and taking the shot.

I am looking for MY TYPE, not just anyone with breasts and a cooze. S.), venturing out in public every day, and not see my type.

For me the speed dating event was a disappointment because there were not that many hotties. There were plenty of guys there maybe 30 or more and some seem to be interested in the average girls more than me so after it was over I mingles a bit, got the numbers of two I think and left.

I am new to the forum and you guys are quite hard on each other.

Having said that, Coming Soon's description of them might differ to someone else's although it's probably safe to say it's a rough indication of what to expect. Most of what I have to say relevant to these questions is in an anecdote in the How Older Men can Attract Younger Women thread.

As far as easy to bed, I don't think Romania has the rep of a one-night stand or same-day pulls culture, though I wonder in the anecdote whether I missed a spectacular opportunity along those lines.

(and remember to send GS Jackson a postcard) (2) No I dont think your post showed up on that thread. If you look at the cold hard staitstics, then gender ratios and stuff do matter. Coming Soon just posted that "somewhat attractive" means he wasn't interested. If there was NOONE I was interested in -- as we now understand to be the case -- then yeah, it was a waste of time.

I'll try to do an internal google, but my self-improvement-type threads get buried FAST here. Regardless of how many people were there of either sex.

If an American woman had shot the same ten-second, wordless look I got from the Romanian chick, you know you're getting laid in only as long as it takes to find a convenient venue.

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