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"Look at all those movie stars who say they're really shy," Kenny points out. This time, groups of four strangers rated each other on the five personality traits.

"Plenty of people think they're less extroverted than they really are." With this in mind, he and colleague Maurice Levesque, Ph D, conducted another study, also published in the (Vol. Then, the strangers met in pairs and were videotaped talking to each other.

"The layers near the top," she says, "are the easiest to pick up." Extroversion may be the most obvious of personality traits, but there are some researchers who think that other, more internal traits can also be visible.

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But, he notes, that fact could be partially explained by the experimental designs used by most researchers in the area.

"The contexts in which we've asked people to evaluate others are social interactions where, of course, extroversion would be the most obvious trait," he says.

The speed-dating concept rests on a simple premise: that a few minutes can be plenty of time to size a person up and evaluate compatibility.

It's no secret that people often judge each other based on immediate intuitions.

The researchers then showed 10-second video clips of these situations to a panel of college-student judges, and the judges were able to predict all five aspects of the subjects' personalities at a better-than-chance level.

Beyond personality Sometimes, we aren't looking to divine someone's overall personality or intelligence based on a first impression; we simply want to know how good they will be at a particular skill or set of skills, like teaching.In the past 15 years, though, researchers have become interested in trying to systematically answer the questions: How much can those fleeting first impressions really tell us?How much of people's personality is it possible to intuit within a few seconds, or minutes, of meeting them?We make split-second judgments of strangers all the time: When a student decides to drop a class based on minutes of a professor's teaching or when we meet someone at a party, our first impressions count.For as long as parents have admonished their children "don't judge a book by its cover," most of us have been doing just that.In one, for example, a stranger asks the subject his or her opinion of a Rorschach-blot-like painting--a task designed to determine the subject's degree of openness.

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