Stages of college dating

Read the syllabus, write down important due dates, memorize professors’ office hours, the usual.You know there’s a paper due the third week of classes, but you just ordered your textbook and it won’t arrive for another few days anyways. ) Your textbook arrived, and the smell of new pages reminds that you have less than two weeks to write this paper.What before seemed like a decent pace to get to know someone all comes crashing down when you realize you won't see him on a tri-weekly basis!

But breaking up is a hard thing to do, which means that you are single again and have to repeat this process again.

You decide after a few failed hook ups with other people that you want to be friends because you still “care” and “miss” each other. You get back into the swing of things and think that things are different now …

but probably not, he still thinks sitting on the couch and ordering Domino's is a date.

One of you hooked up with another person, but you are still holding on to the fact that you might get back together. Moral of being exes: just end it and don’t look back.

You talk all the time and check in with each other.

You probably go out as a pair and spend time together just talking and getting to know the other person.This stage can either die out eventually or you receive or send out the text a little earlier in the night so you actually have time to talk. You finally turned that late night booty call into a regular thing.You text on the reg and hook up sober (and after you go out).In other words, this would be the stage where you say you have a “thing.” Everything is so exciting and you just wait by the phone for the other person to respond.Every response is thought out and you ask your friends for advice if you should use “…” or an exclamation point.In big, bold letters is your handwriting yelling at you because you have a paper due in two days.

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