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The following words and terms, when used in this chapter, have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: Holder for value— A person or business firm who cashed the check for the client or a subsequent endorser. Assistance checks prepared by the central disbursing office and issued by the Treasury Department will be cleared through the banks and the paid checks will be filed in the Department of the Auditor General.

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(C) If it is suspected or there is any possibility that loss or theft occurred in the mail, this must be noted in the ‘‘comments’’ section.

This information alerts Treasury that referral to the Postal Inspection Service is also necessary.

If the Form PA 207 is not signed by the payee, an explanation is required on the Form PA 207.

Signature samples will be obtained from the payee only.

(2) Loss of check by second or subsequent endorser.

When the loss of an assistance check is reported by a second or subsequent endorser such as bank, merchant and the like, he should be advised to write to State Treasury, Bureau of Public Assistance Disbursements, Room 113, State Finance Building, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120.

(E) If the county office learns of postal involvement after the Form PA 207 is submitted to central office, a second Form PA 207 will be submitted.

The new information will be reported in the ‘‘comments’’ section of the form and ‘‘other’’ will be checked.

When a recipient returns a check for which he has signed a Form PA 207 and a county disbursement has been made because of the reported loss, the recovered check and a Transmittal of Returned Check, Form PA 364, will be sent to the central disbursing office.

A Form PA 207 requesting a waiver will not be required because the redeposit of the returned check will result in an automatic generation of a waiver, Form PA 207-DP.

If the Form PA 207 indicates that referral should be made to the Postal Inspection Service, Treasury will obtain an extra photostatic copy of the check to attach to the Postal Copy of the Form PA 207 and forward both items to the appropriate Postal Inspection Service district office.

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