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This part of Highway 401 often experiences heavy snowsqualls in early winter, sometimes extending as far east as Toronto.

To the south of Woodstock, Highway 401 curves northeast and encounters the western terminus of Highway 403.

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Highway 401 extends across Southwestern, Central and Eastern Ontario.

In anticipation of the future expansion of the highway, the transportation ministry purchased a 91.4-metre-wide (300 ft) right-of-way along the entire length.

The overall purpose of the collector-express system is to maximize traffic flow for both local and long-distance traffic.

In addition, Highway 401 was equipped with a traffic camera system called COMPASS in early 1991.

Unlike the collector lanes, which provide access to every interchange, the express lanes only provide direct access to a select few interchanges.

Access between the two is provided by transfers, which are strategically placed to prevent disruptions caused by closely spaced interchanges.

giving the highway a wide span and four carriageways.

To avoid confusion between carriageways, blue signs are used for the collector lanes and green signs for the express lanes.

It stretches 828 kilometres (514 mi) from Windsor in the west to the Ontario–Quebec border in the east.

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